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Exempt Market Investment Offerings

There are all kinds of Exempt Market products available to investors through our Exempt Market Dealer – WhiteHaven Securities Inc.  Whether you are looking for regular income, cash flow or longer term growth, there are products to suit your individual needs and help diversify your portfolio.  I will give you specific examples of some of the different products below and you can also contact me for a more extensive list.  Clicking on the green button will take you to a more detailed project summary.  All products listed are RRSP/LIRA/TFSA eligible.

Hopitel Income Trust

Hopitel is a national organization firmly focused on patient and hospital services to Canadian hospitals.  Hopitel’s credentials as a systems integrator, software developer and rental management services company are based on it’s collective experience over decades of working with hundreds of medical institutions and hundreds of thousands of patients within the Canadian HealthCare market for over 40 years.  

Services comprise of Infotainment Media, Communication Services and Health Education.  The education component includes innovative hospital applications and features that have been specifically designed to deliver healthcare solutions to the patient in the patient room to reduce hospital staff workload and improve patient care.

Minimum Investment: $500
Projected Rate of Return: 10% Annual Return
Distributions: Quarterly
Term: 5 Years

ICM IX Real Estate Trust

ICM Realty Group is a fully integrated real estate investment firm that focuses on acquiring and managing commercial properties in the United States and Canada. ICM provides institutional and private clients with customized services in the areas of property management, portfolio/asset management, and transaction advisory services.

ICM has a long and successful history of investing in real estate, with significant experience in the acquisition and management of stabilized, value-add and development opportunities across the office, industrial, retail, and multi-family sectors. Collectively, their team has overseen the acquisition and management of more than $7 billion of real estate assets in the United States and Canada.

Early redemption is available with applicable fees and restrictions.

Minimum Investment: $5,000 CAD or USD
Projected Rate of Return: 5 - 6% Annual Return + Profit Sharing Potential
Distributions: Quarterly
Term: 5 - 6 years

Invico Diversified Income Fund

Invico Capital Corporation ("Invico") was founded in 2005 and consists of a highly experienced management team with over $200 million of assets under management as of September, 2015.  Invico's investment focus includes income, energy and real estate.  The investment objective of Invico Diversified Income Fund (the "Fund") is to deliver monthly income to its investors while providing asset securitization and diversification.  The Fund holds a diversified portfolio of high yielding investment and lending opportunities and is managed by Invico.  Lending strategies make up the bulk of the portfolio (60-75%) and focus on corporate bridge lending, receivables factoring and mortgages.

The Fund offers investors many choices to meet their investment objectives.  Investors can select a target preferred rate of return or a combination of target preferred rate + profit sharing.  The Fund also has options for higher net worth and accredited investors with higher minimums and higher potential profit sharing percentage.  The Fund also offers a DRIP feature for clients who want to reinvest their monthly distributions.  Redemptions are available quarterly with applicable fees and restrictions.

Minimum Investment: $5,000 CAD
Projected Rate of Return: 8-9% Preferred Return + Profit Sharing Potential
Distributions: Monthly
Term: 4 - 7 years

Livewell Foods

LiveWell Inc. is a trusted steward of family-focused brands that cater to the needs of everyday Canadians. Their brands include LiveWell Foods Canada, Sole Produce, Delisse Fine Cuisine, O-Hemp hemp products, and Artiva medical cannabis. Their aim is to produce functional food and food ingredients with the utmost care and craft, developing a diverse range of lifestyle products to help you and your loved ones live life, well.

Minimum Investment: $3,680 CAD
Projected Rate of Return: TBD
Distributions: End of Term
Term: 3 - 5 Years

MAVAN Tech Opportunity Fund #1

The MAVAN Tech Opportunity Fund #1 will provide access to very exclusive investment opportunities in some of the most promising and successful technology companies around the world.  These tech investment opportunities are traditionally available to major venture capital groups and high net worth investors. 

The MAVAN Tech Opportunity Fund #1 provides the opportunity to participate in investments that otherwise would not be available to most investors due to the large minimum investments and the exclusivity of the deal itself. 

With access to high growth technology companies, backed by leading venture capital groups, the fund will provide investors with a diversified and stable approach to the often-lucrative venture capital world.

Minimum Investment: $5,000 CAD
Projected Rate of Return: 10% priority return
Distributions: End of term
Term: 5 - 7 years

Prestige Hospitality Opportunity Fund - I

The primary function of the Prestige Hospitality Opportunity Fund – I is to provide investors with distributions from operating income and growth in equity by purchasing, professionally managing and then selling internationally branded North American hotels.  The fund intends to buy, improve and operate 4-6 hotels with internationally recognized brands such as Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn and Hilton.  The emphasis will be on Canadian hotels located in major urban centers.

Net proceeds from operations will be distributed quarterly while proceeds from the equity growth will be realized from the sale of the hotels.  While the fund intends to hold the hotels for 3 – 5 years, management will be opportunistic and all of the hotels will be evaluated on an annual basis for disposition.  Early redemption options are available with applicable restrictions and fees.  The annualized return is comprised of quarterly distributions plus profit sharing with disposition of the assets.

Update September 2017 - The Fund has purchased two hotels - The TownePlace Suites by Marriott, London Ontario which was recently awarded Marriott Development Project of the Year 2015 and the Courtyard by Marriott, Waterloo Ontario. 

This issuer has also created a video to explain their fund.

Minimum Investment: $5,000 CAD
Projected Rate of Return: TBD
Distributions: Quarterly starting 2017
Term: 3 - 5 years

Secure Capital MIC

Founded in 2007, Secure Capital MIC is a national private lender focused on short term residential loans, primarily in Ontario and Quebec.  They have funded over $70 million of mortgages since inception and their goal is to provide investors with a predictable and consistent dividend with an emphasis on capital preservation.  Their management team has over 50 years of combined experience in mortgages and financial services.

Mortgage terms are typically about 12 months in duration.  Secure Care MIC has 100% track record of monthly dividends since inception and also offers a compounding option with an effective 8.3% annual return.  Redemption is available monthly with a 3% fee if redeemed in the first year.

Minimum Investment: $5,000 CAD
Projected Rate of Return: 8% Annual Return
Distributions: Monthly
Term: Redemption available monthly

Triumph Real Estate Investment Fund Trust

Triumph Real Estate Investment Fund Trust was created in order to offer investors the opportunity to strategically invest in multi-tenant industrial, retail and office buildings alongside a strong and experienced management team with over 20 years combined experience.

The trust will focus on identifying undervalued and undermanaged properties located in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta in the Canadian market as well as Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California in the US market.  Early redemptions are available quarterly with applicable fees and restrictions.

Minimum Investment: $10,000 CAD
Projected Rate of Return: 7% Preferred Cumulative Return + Profit Sharing Potential
Distributions: Quarterly
Term: 4 - 6 Years
PLEASE NOTE: These project summaries are not a complete offering of securities and must not be relied upon to make informed investment decisions. Please read the applicable Offering Memorandums before making your investment decisions.