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Ask WealthUp - Should You Invest In Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds?

August 28, 2014
As a Dealing Representative in the Exempt Market, I'm often asked my opinion about conventional investment products.  Most investors assume that I would hold a negative opinion, being that I specialize in the private capital markets, but this is not the case at all.
I'm sure you hear this term all the time but when it comes to investing, it is key - diversification.  It is important to have a mix as that will increase your chances of success and also help minimize any losses.
When I say "conventional", I am referring to products like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  The majority of middle class investors stick with these types of investments and many with just mutual funds.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with these types of securities, they definitely have a place in your portfolio.  Holding some good dividend paying stocks, taking advantage of dollar cost averaging with regular mutual fund contributions and increasing your security with some quality bond offerings are all great wealth strategies and can help you build a healthy nest egg. 
The only drawback is that, generally speaking, they help you build for a pretty mediocre retirement.  And even more modest if you started saving later in life.  With the high volatility of the public stock markets (especially over the last 10+ years) and the high fees associated with mutual funds, you'll likely see pretty average returns and often well below what you would like to be achieving.  But that's still okay, because conventional investments are a great backbone to your portfolio.

If you really want to build your wealth though and really achieve your financial dreams, you need to allocate a portion of your investment capital to the higher earners.These opportunities are found in the Exempt Market and that's where I specialize in helping investors find quality companies and investments that can really boost your net worth.