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There are many excellent resources for investors to learn more about the Exempt Market and all it has to offer.

This association was founded in 2011 by a number of key participants in the Exempt Market securities industry who saw a need for a collective voice to preserve the flexibility and unique culture of the Canadian capital markets and the Exempt Market in general.  It is a great resource both for people that work in the industry as well as those that want to learn more about it.

Exempt Education

NEMA launched this educational website in August 2013 to teach investors more about the Exempt Market in Canada. It provides a wealth of information including a great video that highlights all the risks and rewards of investing in this market.

This is the Exempt Market Dealer that WealthUp Investments is licensed with.  They provide all of the investments that WealthUp raises capital for as well as a host of other services for clients and Dealing Representatives alike.

This publication is put out quarterly by the National Exempt Market Association and is filled with information about Canada's private capital markets. 

Shannon Pineau at WealthUp Investments recently contributed an article to Exempt Edge:

Breaking It Down: The Three Most Common Questions From Investors About The Exempt Market