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How to Invest in the Exempt Market

Investing in the Exempt Market is an easy process for qualified individuals:
  • Make sure you meet the requirements of an eligible investor.
  • Choose some investments that interest you.
  • Contact me for more information.  I can send information by email, we can talk on the phone, I can let you know about upcoming presentations in your city or we can set up a personal appointment at your convenience.
  • Meet with me in person (or though skype) to talk further about your time horizon, risk tolerance, financial objectives and current finacial position.  This information will help me to find investment opportunities that are most suitable for you and your personal financial situation.
  • Decide if you want to invest with cash or registered funds.
  • Fill out the appropriate paperwork.
  • I will be involved in the whole process to make sure that everything goes smoothly and I will also be available afterwards to send you updates and answer any questions or concerns along the way.